I Might Decide To Find A Men Hairdresser Near Me For The Next Haircut

men hairdresser near me

When you think of men that cut hair, the term barber comes to mind. Yet there are men stylists, too, and there are some great ones. I wouldn’t mind looking up some men hairdresser near me at all. It has been awhile since a man has cut my hair. Men and women can easily cut each other’s hair and study in order to do so. Yet perhaps a man has better instincts when cutting another man’s hair and the same for a woman cutting a woman’s hair.

It really depends I suppose, but the topic got me to thinking. Except for when I was a child, I have not been to a barber shop where men cut hair. Up until several months ago, I was going to a barber shop, but it was run by a woman. She moved the shop to a neighboring city. I have since been to another place to get my hair cut, and it is also run by a woman.

I have been told about a barber shop a little closer to me that is run by men. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go up there and see what they can do. However, I will tell you one thing. I’m not so confident that a man can cut my hair the way a woman can. Women have finesse when it comes to things like that. They know what they are doing, and they also have a certain commitment to what they are doing.

I’m not saying that men who are barbers aren’t committed, but everyone is different. Maybe I’m just so used to a woman cutting my hair, but it just seems like they pay much more attention to detail. Yet maybe men know men’s styles much better. I might give it a try and search men hairdresser near me to see what I find. As I mentioned, I’ve already been told about the one place that isn’t far away at all, just about ten blocks up the road.

Where do you go to get a haircut? How much do you pay? Have you been thinking about switching up your hairstyle? We get into such ruts with our hair, don’t we? We do the same thing every time, and that can last for years. Why not shake things up and find a new stylist near you to see what a difference he can make?

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